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Hi everyone, I just got back from a 2 day trip. Feels good to be back home and work on my blog :)

In May 2010, I attended a 2 days MAPS (Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers) National Convention 2010. The main speakers of the convention consisted of professionally recognized and skilled speakers. These are the speakers who are very highly paid in the speaking industry. The quality of speaking that was demonstrated by each speaker made me feel like a tiny ant walking among elephants! So i decided that I needed to join MAPS and gain as much knowledge and experience to one day become a certified and recognized professional speaker.

Check out MAPS website at the following:


Yesterday, Wednesday night, MAPS organized a MAPS@Work activity at Melia Hotel, KL. I arrived a bit late due to the jam and decided to take valet parking (which costs quite ok, RM20). One of the speakers for the night was Andrew Bryant, a Certified Speaking Professional of the Global Speakers Federation. When introducing him to the audience, the person talking accidentally addressed him as Certified “Sales” Professional instead of Certified “Speaking” Professional (don’t know whether it was intentional for laughs or he did mistakenly say it :p). Andrew is a very cool person and of course he made a joke out of it. But, in a way actually, to be a professional salesperson you also need to know how to speak well!

Speaking goes hand in hand with sales. The better you are at speaking, the more you can sell! But of course, other skills are needed too. We need to remember that what matters most to the target customers are how well you can speak and relate to their needs and wants. So far, I’ve managed to sell myself in corporate and investment fields. I am still new in speaking to sell products, but I’m willing to give it a try and learn what skills are needed in order to succeed in the sales business. That’s enough for now! Need  to get back to learning about speaking for sales :)

The “Ting!” Moment to Investing

Everyone has that special “Ting!” moment where they suddenly experience a mindset breakthrough to do something in their life, whether it is something significant or simple.

For me, that significant moment happened last year in the middle of December. It was just a normal day during the holidays, I was sitting on the couch when I suddenly realized that all this while I haven’t really leveraged on the amount of savings that I have. From all my effort in New Zealand during my studies, I had collected around Rm35k (working, doing surveys etc) and all of it went to my ASB savings.

That was the “Ting!” moment for me to start learning about investment. Since then, I did a few things to learn:

1. I bought and read books on investment (some of them are Robert Kiyosaki and William Cai, there are other fantastic books for you to learn too)

2. I went to my beloved Auntie Faizah’s house in Ipoh, Perak to learn on stock market trading

3. I read a lot of online blogs on investments

January 2010 came and I was eagerly awaiting the dividend payout for ASB shareholders. The dividend was roughly around 7%++ so I ended up with a return of around RM2600++ (which is not much considering how much I can generate with RM35k if I had made better investments). I still wasn’t confident to start investing in January since I was still in the midst of learning about investments.

In February, I withdrew all my ASB savings (left about Rm1000 for savings purposes) and put them in my investments. I had 2 types of investments back then, which were:

1. Stock trading investment

2. Business investment

More on the details of my investment later. But my point here is that whenever the “Ting!” moment comes, you have to take action and be willing to learn new things. As for me, I’m glad I made that move in December 2009, because if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am now.

Anyways, am going outstation on Wednesday and Thursday, so will be back hopefully by Friday :)

Join Ads4Bucks today!

I just joined Ads4Bucks a few days ago through my friend’s recommendation, Rahim.


He is one of the 69z key leaders. He works hand in hand with the young Online Millionaire Ahmad Zulfaisal to train new people in this business.


Ads4Bucks is a website similar to Facebook except this website is used more for entrepreneurship and business networking. By becoming a member of Ads4Bucks, you gain a lot of benefits for a very affordable price.

Some of the benefits that you gain are your own blog (which I am writing in now), access to Ads4Bucks E-Library which contains a whole lot of E-Books and templates for business proposals and documents, a Bio-Energy Card, use of SMS Blaster and many more. For those of you who are interested to make more money just from home, I would recommend you join Ads4Bucks and start doing stuff that can make you money from home.

Registration fee for 1 Business Centre (BC) is RM210, 4 BCs is RM840 (but there are rebates for registering more than one BC :p). Each person can only register up to 15 BC in Ads4Bucks.

Anyways, for those of you who are interested to know more about Ads4Bucks membership and benefits, do contact me at +60173260656 or email me at mz_vortex86@hotmail.com. Better have something to do than just sitting at home idling aye!

If you are interested, pickup your phone or write me an email now! Do not procrastinate, because procrastinating will not do anyone any good :)

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Entering The World of Blogging!

Posted on July 31st, 2010 in Entrepreneurship,Investment,Personal Finance by muizal86

Hello everyone!

My name is Muiz..some people call me Al..I didn’t think I would start blogging one day..but here I am, about to start writing a blog..and I want to dedicate this blog to sharing knowledge on investing, financing and entrepreneurship

Gona write some real content later..for now I just got back home and need a rest :)

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