An RM Spent Is An RM Earned

In today’s world, in order to attract many customers, business owners are offering a lot of free gifts, points, automatic entry into competitions and others. Therefore, as consumers, we should be aware of all the money back offers that are out there. Here are some examples that I personally use every day:

1. Credit Card: If you use your credit card, you will gain points. In condition that you settle the outstanding amount in your account every month, you will actually be gaining more than you spend. With these points, you can redeem so many cool stuff.

2. Petrol Card: I use Mesra card when filling petrol. So, everytime I fill in petrol with PETRONAS, I will gain points, and these points will be convertible to a lot of cool stuff and even petrol. There are also other petrol cards available that suit your favourite brand.

Check out Mesra card at:

3. Airlines Card: Personally, I use Enrich card. Whenever I fly with Malaysia Airlines, I will gain Enrich points. They also award points for staying at associate hotels and spending at associated outlets. These points can later be used to redeem free flights and a lot of cool gifts.

Check out Enrich card at:

4. Shopping Card: Some cards offer good discounts for the stuff you like to buy. For example I have an MPH Reader’s Circle Card for 10% off shopping books at MPH. I also have Jusco card for shopping at Jusco shopping outlets.

Check out MPH Reader’s Circle at:

5. Shopping Vouchers: There are a lot of ways to get shopping vouchers. For example, by having credit cards of certain banks, they will send you a voucher book every year to promote their business partners. Vouchers can also be found online by searching for discount vouchers. You will need to print out the vouchers and display them upon purchase later on.

6. Automobile Card: Since I’m using a Proton, I have a Daring card which gives me a 10% discount for all car servicing done with Proton Edar Sdn Bhd. With huge amount of money used for car services, this card really helps me to earn while I’m spending for my car.

Check out Daring Card at:

There are a lot of other stuff out there that help you earn as you spend. Setting up these privileges maybe will be a hassle at start, but it will be worthwhile in future because you will be earning a lot more for the money that you spend. Maybe you can drop a comment to suggest some other good ones out there for all our readers. Cheers :)