Give More and You Shall Receive More!

Good day everyone! To all Muslims, it has been a fine fasting month and the festivities are going to come soon (tomorrow in fact!). Therefore, I would like to wish you all:


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Those of you who are in the KL area, do stop by my place to enjoy the available food and then we can catchup with each other as well.

Anyways, I want to write about the saying “Give and You Shall Receive”. I believe this expression holds true in most cases. The things that we give can be in any form, some of them being:

1. Money: To actually be a wealthy person, you must also have the spirit of giving back to the people in you. I learned this by observing a lot of wealthy people throughout the world, even in my own country, Malaysia. In the USA, we can see how the IT billionaire Bill Gates and his wife setup a foundation in order to give back to the community by doing research and innovation in the health, development and learning. (Refer to In Malaysia for example, there is Tan Sry Jeffrey Cheah of the Sunway Group who is doing quite a lot in the education field to give back to the community. Therefore, no matter what our financial status may be, we can always give to the unfortunate to make their lives better. Ultimately, by doing this a lot, you will end up realizing that these small efforts that you put in into making other people’s lives better do make a difference to your life too.

2. Time: Some people just want you to spend time with them. When I did community service for a primary school with deaf students back in July 2009, what I realized at that time was that these unfortunate kids do not really want your money, instead they really desired the time and attention that you can spend with them. Therefore, whenever you have time to participate in any charitable events, do join in and try to enjoy and learn about how others’ live can be made happier by simply spending some time with them.

3. Knowledge: People say “Knowledge is Power”. Before this, I have always had the mindset that I cannot share my secrets or tips to others because it would jeopardize my own chance to succeed. Thanks to a few people who I have had discussion with, that mindset has now been more towards “I need to share more knowledge to gain more knowledge”. With sharing of knowledge to others, we actually are empowering them to do something that they otherwise couldn’t have done without the knowledge. When the knowledge is applied and positive results are obtained, people will actually appreciate where the knowledge came from, which is you. Indirectly, they will consider you as a person they trust to share their ideas and knowledge for your benefit. Of course there are people out there who are selfish and never appreciate others even after obviously using the knowledge that they have learned from you. Still though, some level of confidentiality needs to be practised when sharing knowledge and ideas. Maybe the top-of-the-pyramid strategy that you have needs to be kept to yourself until it has been proven successful, by then only can you share this knowledge.

4. Love: I don’t mean giving love to others (especially those who you don’t know) in an affectionate way! Rather, what I mean is you should show more love when you are treating others. This can as simple as saying thank you when the waitress sends you the food, or as complex as listening to your friend’s problems and identifying the solution for them. I really like the expression “Love Makes the World Go Round” because I believe it is strongly true. Try to smile more, say “thank you” and “please” more, to the married couples – say “sorry” more etc and you will notice that other people will also treat you better than before.

With the Raya holidays coming up, maybe we can practise giving to others in order to enhance our philanthropic traits. By writing this article, I am actually giving my idea towards this issue so that others can benefit from it. Once again, have a fantastic holiday guys and do drop any comments or add-ons if you feel like em :)